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Loupes with Loupelights

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Retaing Strap For S Frame

Retaining Strp for S-Frame
$23.01 ex GST

Protective Lens for Heine HR Loupes 5s

Protective Lenses
$162.24 ex GST

Swivel Levers Sterilisable for Heine HP/HRP Loupes

Swivel Levers for Loupe
$56.17 ex GST

Heine S-Frame Loupe Mount Corrective Lens Kit

Corrective Frame Insert
$199.21 ex GST

Loupe 2.5x 450mm 546 Sml

$1,115.83 ex GST

Loupe 2.5x 340mm Heine HR on S-Frame w/LoupeLight

Most trusted by dentists and ENT specialists: The combination of light and loupe delivers the ultimate in performance
$5,195.00 ex GST