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Diathermy Devices

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Hyfrecator 2000 Diathermy Machine

Our most popular diathermy machine. Manufactured in the USA, this leading brand offers precise power control, great quality, an auto-safety switch, and comes with a 12 month warranty.
$1,686.00 ex GST

Aaron 940 Diathermy Machine

Quality Bovie Diathermy Machine, Manufactured in USA. Precise Output Control, Digital Safety Shutoff. Includes Disposable Tips & Wall Mount.
$2,296.80 ex GST

Cautery Low Temp Fine AA00 Each

Low Temp Fine Tip Disposable Cautery
$27.07 ex GST

Cautery High Temp Fine AA01 Each

High Temperature Disposable Cauterie
$30.53 ex GST

Cautery High Temp Loop AA03 Each

Disposable High Temp Loop Tip Cautery
$30.53 ex GST

Cautery High Temp Loop AA05 10s

High Temp 2" Loop Disposable Cautery
$380.16 ex GST