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MESI mTABLET Pulse Oximetry Diagnostic Module

Our Code: 223825
$841.58 ex GST
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MESI Pulse Oximeter module connects wirelessly to MESI mTABLET which provides an intuitive user interface and advanced applications.

The Pulse Oximeter Diagnostic Module is designed for the non-invasive determination of the functional oxygen saturation in the human arterial blood (SpO2) and for measuring the pulse frequency. With the MESI SPO2MD the various applications for measuring pulse oximetry can be accessed i.e. shuttle test, 6-minute walk test and advanced pulse oximeter monitor.

The SPO2MD comes with fingertip sensor suitable for adults but it also supports a variety of different applications from neonatal to adult patient use.

The MESI mTABLET Pulse Oximetry Diagnostic Module comes with the SpO2 application for MESI mTABLET.

Please note: If SpO2 Diagnostic Module is purchased as standalone device the MESI mTablet must be purchased separately.

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