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MESI mTABLET Blood Pressure Diagnostic Module

Our Code: 223828
MESI mTABLET Blood Pressure brings high precision to the healthcare environment. It is a portable blood pressure monitor for fast and accurate readings. With the help of digital filters, the pulse waveforms are isolated and shown on the screen.
$750.00 ex GST

MESI Blood Pressure Diagnostic Module can be used for Blood Pressure, Central Blood Pressure, Averaging Blood Pressure, Dual Blood Pressure and Ankle-Brachial Index Measurement.

Blood Pressure Diagnostic Modules advantages

  • First wireless BP cuff supporting 3 cuff sizes
  • One BF cuff, multiple operating modes,
  • Advanced analysis options with pulse waveforms.
  • Available to expand the blood pressure functionalities with advanced applications
  • Central blood pressure
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Auscultatory mode

Why MESI mTABLET Blood Pressure Diagnostic Module?

All measurements are stored in MESI mRECORDS for further analysis and documentation
Dedicated charging station makes wireless cuff always ready to go
Different operating modes help with acquiring the correct blood pressure result

Please note: If BP Diagnostic Module is purchased as standalone device, the MESI mTablet must be purchased separately.

Click here to purchase the MESI mTablet Wireless Medical Tablet