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Examination / Minor Procedural

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Ordisi FLH2331 LED Wall-Mounted Examination Light

New LED Wall Mount Exam Light
$414.57 ex GST

Ordisi FLH2131 Mobile Examination Light

New LED Mobile Exam Light
$499.00 ex GST

Ordisi FLH2731 LED Wall Light & Rail

Ordisi LED Wall Mounted Examination Light on Rail Slide System
$849.01 ex GST

Light Superlux For Mobile Base

General Examination light
$200.08 ex GST

Light Luxo LHH G2 LED for Wall/Ceiling

Tuneable white illumination has obvious benefits for examination lighting. The new LHH G2-TW heralds a new era for Luxo, offering a high output LED module that can be adjusted to one of three colour temperatures.Its highly flexible self-balancing arm in conjunction with excellent light output gives the LHH G2 TW diagnostic luminaires vast popularity among medical professionals. The frictionless 3d movement and ease of use make the LHH G2 TW the most flexible examination luminaire on the market? and the best in its class.
$1,528.56 ex GST