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Tuffie 5 Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

Tuffie 5 Universal Sanitising Wipes are powerful alcohol and chlorine-free wipes, ideal for cleaning and disinfecting all non-porous surfaces.

Surface cleaning & disinfection is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of infection. Various studies have shown that contaminated surfaces are an established route of transmission for high-risk pathogens.1

The Tuffie range of wipes offers a full product portfolio for effective cleaning & disinfection which includes the Tuffie 5 Universal Wipes.

Tuffie 5 is effective on a broad range of pathogens including MRSA, E. Coli, Norovirus and Coronavirus.

The Importance of Effective Surface Cleaning & Disinfection
The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced why it is so important to practice good hygiene and ensure surfaces, particularly those that are classed as ‘high-risk’, are cleaned and disinfected frequently. 

We recommend the following areas be cleaned regularly to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful viruses:

  • Bed Frames, Rails and IV Poles
  • Commodes
  • Door Handles and Push Plates
  • Light Switches, Handles, Buttons and Dials

Benefits of Tuffie 5 Sanitising Wipes

A breakthrough in non-woven technology
All Tuffie wipes feature a new and improved triple layered fabric with, emboss pockets and a microfiber core which absorbs and traps surface soils and holds onto bacteria and bio-film to prevent cross-contamination.

The triple layered construction gives strength, softness, absorbency and is non-linting.

Outstanding performance and choice
Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces. Tuffie 5 wipes are packaged in standard 300-wipe buckets, 150-wipe flexible canisters, and dispenser refill packs.

Did You Know?
Study finds there are over 93 contact episodes
per hour between patients, staff and visitors,
demonstrating the potential for cross-infection.2

Frequently Asked Questions

How long must you wipe the surface for it to effectively eradicate bacteria?

Tuffie 5 begins to work instantly on contact and is still ‘active’ on the surface after 12 hours.

The product continues to eradicate bacteria that may land on the surface, long after the initial cleaning has taken place, providing an extra barrier of infection control.

How many Tuffie 5 wipes should I use?

The number of wipes used varies on the level of contamination of each surface.  For example, two wipes may be needed to remove soiling from a heavily contaminated commode chair seat, and a third may then need to be used to thoroughly disinfect the surface. To clean a visually uncontaminated drip stand however, only one wipe would be required.

We recommend you visually assess the level of contamination and surface area, making an informed decision on how many wipes to use, to ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Can I use Tuffie 5 to sanitise patient skin?

No.  Tuffie 5 is a surface wipe and not a patient wipe.  It is not an alternative to hand sanitiser.


  1. Otter J.A. et al (2016) Transmission of SARS and MERS coronaviruses and influenza virus in healthcare settings: the possible role of dry surface contamination. Journal of Hospital Infection. 92235e250
  2. Sansoni, B (2020) Where, When and How: Snapshots of Consumers’ Use of Wipes. World of Wipes Conference, August 2020, Minneapolis, USA
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