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Suction Pump Static AC

Our Code: 211680
Static Suction Pump
$504.00 ex GST
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The Static Suction pump is a professional surgical aspirator, for medical and surgical use. Suitable for use in health care facilities.


The metal housing ensures robustness during heavy duty. Fine control of suction level, adjustable vacuum level without impairing flow

Air Flow - 20litres/min approx

Dimensions - 330 x 250 x 220mm

Weight - 5.5kg

Power - Direct AC 240V


Unit includes

Manual Suction Regulator - Disposable

Catheter for Suction Unit - Sterile - Disposable

Antibacterial Filters - Set of 2

1lt Reusable Collection Jar

PVC Tube 80mm

PVC Tube 160mm

PVC Tube 370mm

PVC Tube 1300mm