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Melag Euroklav 23VS+ 22L S-Class Autoclave

Our Code: 202133
The tried-and-tested S-Class Euroklav series offers reliable sterilization with a pre-vacuum. Euroklav 23 VS+ is a cost-friendly solution for the decontamination of single wrapped and unwrapped instruments.
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The efficient pre-vacuum system of the Euroklav 23 VS+ means that even simple hollow body instruments (e.g. scissors, pliers and forceps) can be reprocessed. Irrespectively of the load pattern, the effective vacuum drying procedure ensures a perfect drying outcome.

State-of-the-art sensors and microprocessor electronics guarantee reliable monitoring of the parameters during the entire sterilization process.

Benefit from the product highlights of the S-Class autoclave Euroklav 23 VS+:

Fast sterilization cycles: sterilization of unwrapped instruments takes only 25 minutes; wrapped instruments can be finished in 45 minutes (inc. simple pre-vacuum and drying)

Effective vacuum drying for the best possible outcomes

Intuitive operation with the MELAG 4-Key concept

Serial interface in conjunction with MELAflash or MELAnet Box ensure paperless documentation

Flexible stand-alone autoclave: no tap water connection needed

MELAG provides a range of additional accessories to store the log files for documentation purposes. Connect the MELAflash CF card printer, the log printer MELAprint 44 or MELAnet Box with the serial interface of the autoclave. MELAnet Box represents the most user-friendly solution. The autoclave will automatically store log files with all sterilization parameters to the practice network. An additional advantage is provided by the MELAtrace software solution, which performs paperless batch documentation and approval.

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Technical Details

Device dimensions (w x h x d) 42.5 x 48.5 x 69 cm
Min. Surface Space Feet of the unit fit on 60cm table top
Chamber size ø 25 cm x length 45 cm
Chamber volume 22 Litre
Load quantity max. 4 kg instruments / 1 kg textiles
Weight 45kg
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
Power input 2,600W