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Loupe 2.5x 340mm Heine HR i-View on S-Frame

Our Code: 204135
I-View Loupe Spec Frame Mount
$2,575.00 ex GST
Availability: In stock
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Heine HR 2.5x High Resolution Binocular Loupe Spec Frame Mount

  • Achromatic Optics for crisp bright images with colour correction
  • Lightweight - weights only 51grams
  • Water-Resistant
  • Independent adjustment of left and right optics for perfect PD adjustment
  • High Magnification with a large field of view and excellent depth of field
  • I-View loupe mount provides and angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the optional Loupelight
  • Maximum comfort with a modern ergonomic design
  • Malleable temples and nose pad can be customized to fit any face perfectly
  • Innovative materials - Carbon-Kynetium reduces weight to 24grams (frame Weight)
  • Tough polycarbonate protective lenses
  • Optional clip-in correction frame for prescription lenses. 

Working Distance - 340mm

Field of View - 90mm

Depth of Field - 110mm

Extensive accessories, Lenses, Cleaning Fluid, Nose pads, Spare Parts Kit

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