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Lancet Safe-T-Pro Plus 200s

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$81.35 ex GST
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This single-use lancing device supports patient safety and ease of use. It also complies with the safety requirements demanded by health authorities, legislators, and health institutions.

Single-use device for obtaining capillary blood from the fingertip or, if the patient is a child under 1 year, from the heel.

Adjustable depths - select from 1.3, 1.8 and 2.3 millimetres

Benefits and Features

  • 3 adjustable depth settings allow the sampling of blood according to the skin condition of the patient
  • Each depth setting clicks into place and cannot slip out of position once selected
  • Special bevelled needle cut and needle diameter for almost pain-free blood sampling
  • Use with adults, children under 1 year and neonates
  • Save space and costs by using one type of lancet
  • Available in a box with 200 single-use lancing devices.
  • Designed for single use, to avoid cross-contamination
  • The Safe-T-technology ensures that the needle is always safely stored in the housing, preventing accidental needle sticks
  • Automatic needle retraction after single use eliminates the risk of injury and cross-contamination
  • After the single-use the complete lancing device is disposed of
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