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Heine Cube

Our Code: 204703
$14,999.00 ex GST
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An innovative documentation system that allows for a secure and centralised location to store all digitally captured dermoscopic images within your practice.
Using your iC-1 to capture the image, it is then transferred wirelessly and in ‘real-time’ to the cube for further review and analysis.

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  • Individual & flexible illustration of work processes.
  • Examination progression with time stamp, severity rating and comment function.
  • Picture comparison for differential diagnosis and progress monitoring.
  • Up to 40 x magnification of the image.
  • Central data management.
  • Bodymap for lesion allocation.
  • Data security. No patient information is held on the end device.
  • Mobile working in multiple rooms with the HEINE cube WiFi.
  • For an optimised workflow. Free HEINE cube app available.
  • HEINE Precision Optics. Up to 15 x magnification with the HEINE cube app and your iC1.
  • Future-proof through interchangeable smartphone cases for your iC1.
  • 3 hours of remote support within the first week after initial installation.
  • 2 years hardware warranty on the HEINE cube.
  • Always up to date with software updates (within the 2-year warranty).
  • Transfer of data from existing system (on request).

Product Details

  • One system for all employees. Maximum of 10 concurrent users.
  • Simultaneous use of multiple recording devices (e.g. HEINE iC1).
  • Integration into patient management systems via the standard GDT interface.
  • Simple backup system via USB storage media.
  • Plug & Play solution. No installation of software on existing IT equipment.
  • 1 TB hardware RAID with 2 x 512GB SSDs for data security.
  • Wireless. Simple integration into the workplace (WPA2 security standard).