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Ear Syringe Self-Filling Lynam Pistol-Action

Our Code: 220583
Extremely accurate robust, reliable & durable Ear Syringe. Ergonomic Design, Autoclavable
$349.70 ex GST

Robust, reliable & durable lever action ear syringe. Suitable for quick and comfortable removal of cerumin along the outer ear canal.

Features an ergonomic design for use with silicone tips, which help protects the patient’s ear during treatment. It offers extremely accurate treatment with fine spray, and is easily adjusted by the operator.

Easily assembled by sliding the needle tip base into the lower slot of the needle nut, and then screwing the needle nut tightly back onto the main threaded mount.

Can be calibrated from  0.5 to 5ml.

Service kit sold separately.

Cleaning and sterilisation:

The following items may be autoclaved: Ear tips needle; needle nut; the entire lever action hand piece. Application of NJ Phillips lubricant to moving parts post autoclave is recommended for reliable long-term operation.

Safety tips:

1. Do NOT insert the ear tip end into the outer ear canal.

2. Take due care with rapid jets of water directed at the tympanic membrane.

3. This device should only be used by a health care professional familiar with ear syringing techniques.

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