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Avagard 4 HandScrub 500mlIncludes Pump

Surigcal Hand Scrub 500ml
$14.62 ex GST $14.46 ex GST SAVE $-0.16 ex GST!

Avagard Dispenser Brkt 500mL

Dispenser for Avagard 500ml
$28.11 ex GST

Avagard Dispenser Elbow 1.5L

Dispenser for Avagard 1.5lt Cassetttes
$39.78 ex GST

Avagard Hand Body Wash 1.5l

General Hand & Body Wash 1.5lt
$21.13 ex GST

Avagard Hand Body Wash 500mlIncludes Pump

Genreal Hand & Body Wash 500ml
$8.46 ex GST $8.41 ex GST SAVE $-0.05 ex GST!

Avagard Moisturiser 1.5l Each

Moisturising Lotion 1.5lt
$26.52 ex GST

Avagard Moisturiser 500mLIncludes Pump

Moisturising Lotion 500ml
$8.75 ex GST $9.55 ex GST SAVE $0.80 ex GST!

Avagard Palm Dispenser 1.5l

Dispenser for 1.5lt Avagard Cassettes
$39.78 ex GST

Avaguard 4 Hand Scrub 1.5lt

Surgical Hand Scrub 1.5lt
$33.89 ex GST

Dispenser Slimline H2 White Pl

Dispenser for Slimline Towel
$56.10 ex GST

Dispenser Ultraslim Plastic2320416

Dispenser for Ultra Slim Towel
$69.80 ex GST

Microshield 2 Skin Clean. 1.5L

Microshield 2 Skin Cleanser 1.5lt
$32.87 ex GST

Microshield 2 Skin Clean.500mL

Microshield 2 500ml
$9.22 ex GST

Microshield 4 Surg H/wash 1.5L

Microshield 4 1.5lt Handwash
$38.10 ex GST

Microshield 4 Surg H/wash500mL

Microshield 4 500ml
$12.44 ex GST

Microshield Angel Clear 500mlAntimicrobial Hnd Gel

Antimicrobial Hand Gel 500ml
$16.12 ex GST

Microshield Dispenser Elbow1.5l Plastic

Theatre or Treatment Room Suitable where Infection Control is paramount
$25.35 ex GST

Microshield Dispenser Wall1.5L Plastic

Consulting, treatment or bathroom Multi-purpose dispenser
$19.32 ex GST

Microshield Handwash 1.5L

Microshield Handwash 1.5lt
$24.00 ex GST

Microshield Handwash 500mL

Microshield Handwash 500ml
$7.46 ex GST

Towel I/fold 24x31cm120's 20pk

Kimsoft Interfold Towel
$75.37 ex GST

Towel Kimsoft19x29cm 90's X 24

Kimsoft Interleaved Towel
$63.80 ex GST $64.48 ex GST SAVE $0.68 ex GST!

Admin Set Iv 2y Site 100's

$1,302.86 ex GST

Alcohol Wipes Tub 75

$5.62 ex GST

Betadine Ointment 65g

$18.68 ex GST

Burnaid Dress 20x20cm

$15.35 ex GST

Burnaid Gel 25g

$8.89 ex GST

Caps Round Blue 250's

$17.60 ex GST

Cardiochek Hdlcontrol

$45.27 ex GST

Cidex Opa 5ltr

$107.07 ex GST

CoaguChek XS Control Solution

Control solution for use with CoaguChekĀ® XS Plus and XS Pro Meters
$53.85 ex GST

Combine 10x22cm Each

$0.34 ex GST

Dermabond Mini12

$291.54 ex GST

Duoderm Gel 15gm 10's

$65.45 ex GST

Ego Aqium Gel 1000mL

$16.83 ex GST

Ego Aqium Gel 375mL

$6.99 ex GST

Electrodes Tab3M 2330 100s

2cm x 2cm Resting ECG Electrode, Tab Style 10 Each/Card; 10 Card/Bag
$13.57 ex GST