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Algerbrush II 1mm Complete

Our Code: 200771
Algerbrush - The Worldwide Standard for Corneal Rust Ring Removal. Durable and Easy to Use, Lightweight with Single AA Battery
$148.32 ex GST
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The AlgerBrush II sets the standard worldwide for corneal rust ring removal.

It is used to remove rust rings that can result when a ferrous foreign body accidentally strikes the cornea or sclera of the patient (most commonly originating as a spark from a grinding wheel or welding torch) which adheres to the eye and eventually produces rust when combined with the eye’s moisture.

Its is suitable for use by ophthalmologists, emergency department doctors, and optometrists who are trained and approved to remove foreign bodies from the eye of a patient.

  • Durable, versatile and easy to use
  • Available in two sizes: 0.5mm or 1mm
  • Manufactured in the USA for over 30 years
  • CE-mark approved since 1998
  • Six Month Repair & Replacement Warranty

Replacement burrs $16.20

Treatment Benefits

The AlgerBrush II has a very low torque motor powered by a single AA battery. The burr "brushes" the rust ring from the cornea or sclera, leaving a smooth surface which heals much faster than would be the case with many other treatment tools.

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